#480: How he helps you get your anger out.

  1. Louis: "Lay down," he demands, his voice slightly controlling. He makes you lay down on your stomach, your hands pulled down by your sides. It's quiet for a moment, but then his lips are on the back of your neck and his whispers are in your ear, causing your body to shiver. His hands find occupation.
  2. Niall: "Relax," a murmur says in your ear before he pulls back slightly and stares at you, his eyebrows raised as he assess you, "What can I do to make you relax?" His hands play with the hem of your shirt, his fingers slowly creeping up to your stomach where he presses down on your skin. "More?"
  3. Liam: "Why don't we take a nice bath? Hmmm?" he whispers softly in your ear, a tad of suggestive intentions hidden in his voice before he locks his strong hands around the back of your neck, nudging your nose against his, his eyes finding your lips, his teeth coming down to bite on his bottom lip.
  4. Zayn: "Come on," he whispers roughly, his hands gripping at your waist before he pulls you close, his chest fully pressed against yours, his eyes dipping down to your lips, "You're angry, so give it to me. Show me just how angry you are..." And his fingers loop through your belt buckle, yanking you even closer.
  5. Harry: "Why are you angry?" He's trying not to laugh, but his full lips pull up in a wicked grin. "Do I make you angry?" he asks in a lower, huskier voice before he steps even closer to you, making you slowly back away, but he just invades your space. "Do I make you sweat?" he whispers against your neck.
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