#743: He's the best guy friend that...

  1. Louis: ...you secretly love, one of those guys that are just so hard not to love, you know? Where it hurts not to love him, because he's good and he's sweet and he has this something about him that is too hard to walk away from. "I've fallen in love with you," you say under your breath, and his head snaps out at the sound of those words coming from your mouth. You watch him watch you, not sure what's going to happen next. "I think I've fallen in love with you, too."
  2. Niall: ...you're always seen with, close by his side, as if his presence physically and emotionally soothes you, where your face is calm and your heartrate beats at a normal pace. He likes the fact that he can subtly calm you, make your thoughts positive because when he's around you, nothing is bad or dull. "You're always so smiley around me," he says bluntly, eyes locked on your face, "I like that." Your eyelids flutter down to his lips. "You do make me happy, Niall."
  3. Liam: ...people have a hard time understanding why you're not dating him, because he's attractive and he's a good, wholesome guy that obviously has stronger feelings for you. "Don't you see the way he looks at you?" your friend deadpans, a wide look on your face, "He's in love with you, don't you see that?" So it's hard to see why you aren't with him, loving him as much as he loves you, because he obviously deserves it, but he supposes he'll just keep on waiting.
  4. Zayn: ...always has your back, even when you drunk dial him at two in the morning, even when he's busy -- he'll drop everything, and you're the only person he'll do that for. "You know I love you," his voice dips lower, hoping you might just find the double meaning to his statement, "You know I'd do anything for you at even the most ungodly hours." He holds your shoulders gently in his calloused hands, stroking over your skin. "I'm not going anywhere, love. I'm here."
  5. Harry: ...is constantly calling you his girlfriend behind his back, bragging you to all of his friends and even those that think they have a chance with you. "Yeah, she's my girlfriend," he lies breezily, shrugging like it's no big deal, "So, I would suggest you watch where your eyes go, okay?" He just hopes that one day it'll come in handy -- that one day you'll actually realize that the one you have been looking for, has been standing right there this whole time.
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