#744: He wanted to break your heart.

  1. Louis: "I wanted to rip you to shreds," he drawls out, and a few words makes you want to rip your own heart out, "I wanted to use you and make you feel so worthless because that's how you made me feel." He pauses, eyes avoiding you because he can't bear to look you in the eye, knowing he's created this whirlwind of emotions. "Something happened before I could. We started growing together, hanging out more and I realized that you were already so fucked up and already had so many trust issues and I just couldn't... do that to you. I wanted to take care of you, love you, and I still want to, always will want to."
  2. Niall: "Because you broke mine!" he roars, his eyes wide and his face red and his chest heaving with every painful breathing, "Because you fucking broke mine and you had no idea that you did, so I wanted you to fall in love with me and realize how stupid you were to never do so in the first place, and then I was going to ruin you." He runs his fingers angrily though his hair, tugging at the strands to put himself together as you start to cry in front of him. "But then I," -- he breathes in deep air, staring down at you, "couldn't do it, and was an idiot to think I could ever hurt someone I loved, and still love."
  3. Liam: "I'm seen as the good, innocent guy," he cries out, raising his hands up to the air in exasperation as silly tears start to fumble down his face, "That's all they every fucking see me as! Liam Payne is good, Liam Payne would never hurt anyone at all, Liam Payne wouldn't even break a girl's heart." He pulls in a ragged breath, sobs leaving his lips. "So I found you, and I managed to get you, and I wanted to prove to everyone that I could fuck girls hard and leave them broken, but I never expected to fall in love with you and I'm so sorry to let you down. I'm so sorry... sorry... so fucking sorry. I don't want to be this guy."
  4. Zayn: "I wanted the money of what this bet had to offer," he dragged out, a cigarette dangling from his fingers as he leaned back against the wall, ready to confess every single one of his stupid ideas to ever break your heart, "I was going to make you fall in love with me, just like the guys told me to do, and then I was going to fuck you and leave you there." He takes another drag from the cigarette, letting the smoke fan out, the pain nearly crushing his chest. "I fell in love with you, did you know? Yeah, I'm fucking in love with you and I never should have wanted to hurt you in the first place. And I'm... so sorry."
  5. Harry: "I really, really, really wanted to," he breathes out, cupping a hand around the back of his neck where his skin was prickling, sweaty from the nerves that dared him to say the words, "I really wanted you to be broken so I wouldn't be the only one feeling so much pain all the time." He laughs bitterly to himself, some kind of strangled sob wanting to make its way out of his mouth instead. "Yet I couldn't find the courage to do it. I love you too much, and for that, I'm willing to be the do anything to protect you from any wrong doing -- whether it be from myself or someone else just as fucked up as me."
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