Without naming any names and taking any sides, I’d like to bring forth that I really don’t care how many followers you have, what talents you have handy, how superior you may find yourself and how superior others may find you, or even who started the drama and who ended it. I just don’t care. What I care about is that my friends (and even those I don’t really know about, or talk to) are being victims of hate. There has been a lot of victims tonight, and it’s drama that isn’t needed, or wanted, or even liked in the slightest of bits. Nor is it funny, nor does it make you ‘cooler’, nor does it make people feel good about themselves. I also don’t care how lightly you’re going to take this, or how you may laugh at this, or how you may disregard people’s feelings being hurt. What I care about is that you come to your senses and realize that you don’t like being hated on, that you don’t even like hating others, because it does nothing but makes your life wary with unnecessary and unwanted stress. 

Everyone has feelings. You have feelings, and whether you want to admit it or not, you get hurt — even if it be the tiniest bit of hurt — when someone calls you a name, or bullies you, or tries to bring you down. You may be a person that did nothing to deserve it. You may be a person that didn’t want to get into it in the first place. You may be a person that had a really bad day and does not need anything else to make you feel shittier. You may even be the person that made the mistake to start it, and that’s okay, no one should put you at fault for it, no more than anyone should feel the need to hurt another human being. You’re a person, and a person is a person, no matter how big or small. You were born to have feelings and to express your emotions, but I don’t think you ever once deserved to have those feelings hurt, stomped on, and disregarded all because someone started backfiring hate. 

None of you are on a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ side. You’re all in the same category and that category labels you as a certified and actual person, with actual feelings and actual reactions and consequences when it comes to hate. 

I don’t think or believe for a moment that any one of you deserve it. But when you see statistics of suicides and self-harming incidents coming from cyberbullying and bullying in general, I would hope more than anything that it makes you want to stop, back away from the computer, put your mouse down, and think before you type, speak, or make any action when you know it could really hurt someone. And God only knows how long they will hurt from it. 

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