#748: Things he loves about you.

  1. Louis: He loves how you snore, he loves how you squint when you're concentrating really hard. He loves how you are and how you make him feel. He loves that fact that you're always there for people through thick and thin, and he also loves how you put others before yourself. He loves how sometimes you mess up and he loves how you're an actual human being with actual feelings. He loves how you love him and he loves how you love everything that has ever made you happy. He loves your beauty, your smile, your class, your heart, because he has part of it.
  2. Niall: He loves how you're not perfect and how you don't claim to be. He loves how you go along with life, taking the serious things to thought and ignoring the things that try to break you two apart. He loves how your hair falls down into your eyes when you're looking down. He loves that little flaw of imperfection in your teeth, and he even more so loves the way you feel against him. He loves your mouth, your eyes, your hearty laugh and your grace and poise. He loves you, all of you, and he's sure he has never fallen for anyone as amazing as you.
  3. Liam: He loves how you press your face into your shoulder when you're embarrassed, and he loves that pretty pink blush that trails up your neck. He loves the way you have to have a day of quiet and peace, because it gives him another day to lie down with you. He loves those scars you have and he loves how he has more than one reason to tell you how beautiful you are. He loves you and you and you and everything about you and it kind of makes him dizzy and hazy in the head. He loves so many things about you; how is he supposed to keep track?
  4. Zayn: He loves your voice and he loves hearing it every morning and night when he's laying next to you. He loves the way you make his heart pound, and the way you make his stomach erupt in nerves. He loves that you make the room a bit brighter. He loves that every girl is jealous of you because you're the prettiest and smartest and most amazing girl around. He loves that you stay positive. He loves to watch you do the things you love and even more so when you love him. He loves how you love him, and he loves how he loves you.
  5. Harry: He loves the way you hog the covers and he loves how you like to be in control. He loves your kisses and how you always taste so good, like candies or chocolates. He loves the adoring look you get in your eyes whenever someone speaks of him. He loves your hand in his, he loves having you next to him. He loves being with you and how you are really yourself around him. He loves to know that you wouldn't trade him for anything in the world, and that makes him feel good, because he's never letting someone as amazing as you go.
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