#763: Safety.

  1. Louis: Safety is him, in every single way, with his big arms and biceps and warm chest and demeanor of not letting anything bad happen to his loved ones. Safety is something he has pride in making sure it happens. When you feel safe, he feels pride, and his heart kind of swells up at the sight of you smiling at him and being yourself, because you're safe and comfortable and huddled against him, arms tight and cheek pressed against his chest. It's good to know that you're safe; it allows him to sleep at night, knowing you're alright and still in love with him.
  2. Niall: Safety is sleep, laying down in silence, eyes fluttered shut and breathing even, heart at a stable beat. Safety is lying next to him, head on his chest as your pillow, lips grazing under his chin because you can feel him there... a reminder that he is really there, that's his not a fragment of your imagination, that he's really strong and solid and keeping you safe, even in sleep, even in your most vulnerable state. Safety is how he holds you, how he keeps you there, how he connects with you even in his sleep. Safety is everywhere, especially when he's with you.
  3. Liam: Safety is being wrapped in someone's arms, tears wiped away and smiles being put on your face because of how they reassure and assure times and times again that you're going to be okay -- that they're there, that they're holding you, that they're kissing away the fears and doubts and mishaps of life. That's him, and that's what he does, and that's what he will continue to do for however long you two are together. Keeping you safe and taken care of is one of his main missions. He promised himself, and he swore on your heart, and that's what he needs to do.
  4. Zayn: Safety is a bold step, especially when safety isn't something you've always had, and surely something he hasn't always ensured. But then he met you, and his eyes got kind of soft and his heart melted and something inside of him was warm. Like -- 'hey, I met someone, and I really like them, and I want to make sure that nothing happens to love because I'd be damned if anything did, and that's how much they mean to me.' And that's him; he'd do anything to keep you secure in safety, so you're always there with him, right by his side, happy.
  5. Harry: Safety is nice, and it's wholesome, and it makes you feel alright. It makes you feel like you're on top of the world -- untouchable and against all odds, safe from every aspect in life. He makes you feel like that; safe, secure, kind of warm and fuzzy all over. It's the way he looks at you, or the way he speaks to you in a soft voice, and the way his arms are around you. It's safety, and it's yours. It's the reassurance that he won't let anything happen to you, surely not when he's there, holding you and kissing you and smiling down at you with a gleam in his eyes.
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