#768: AU's.

  1. Louis: High School AU; high school sweethearts, with Letterman jackets and him being the captain of the soccer team. You having your little group of friends, but always sneaking out late at night to be with him in the back of his car on the nearest hilltop, your clothes soon stripped and him soon following suit, not getting you back and home and into bed until early in the morning, kissing you with such gentleness and care, promising to see you at school in a few hours, where he can put his arm around your shoulders and walk you to your class, holding your books, making all the cheerleaders and football jocks jealous.
  2. Niall: Frat Boy AU; one night stands and lots of alcohol, Vodka and Gin and Coronas and foreign beers and him meeting you at one of the house parties, him clad in his white tank top and stupid green snapback, a cocky smirk set on his face when he sets eyes on you. Letting his body grind against yours through every song until he gets too plastered to care anymore. Leading you upstairs to an empty room, fumbling with the knob to lock the door behind the two of you. Allowing you to wear his snapback as you kiss him, in his lap, feeling the sheets beneath your skin and soon getting naked, undressed, only to wake up alone, him gone.
  3. Liam: Jock AU; he was the popular, the boy with good looks and obvious charm and dazzling smile that could make girls drop their panties in a second. He was an excellent jock, the captain of nearly every sport team, yet he wasn't the stereotypical. He didn't go for cheerleaders, or the most popular, but he went for girls like you. Beautiful girls like you that read and were classy and had a beautiful laugh and smiled a lot. And you thought you were invisible, that you weren't worthy, but he made you feel and believe how special you were. How much he loved you, how he always would, how he would never care what anyone else thought.
  4. Zayn: Boxer AU; because you need some protection, because you're a fragile girl with lots of secrets and fears and insecurities and doubts, and you end up going for that one guy who has big biceps and something intimidating and mysterious and dark about him, trusting him with your life just so you can feel safe again. Him allowing you to come to his matches and cheering him on for every knockout, for every kick and punch; staying up late with him after the fight to clean his wounds and press ice to his eyes and kiss his bruised lips. Watching him smile at you, no matter how it hurt, because he was proud that he still kept you safe.
  5. Harry: Enemies AU; you hated him and he hated you and you two did not like crossing paths in the hallways of school. He dated all of the girls with too much makeup and too obvious fake extensions and too short of skirts. You weren't envious -- okay, you were, and you lied to yourself about it -- and you could give a damn about what he did. But you two pulled and pushed at each other and tried to get under one another's skins. But he started falling in love with you, chased after you, was finally done with the pent up frustration of not being able to get you. And then you fell right after him, finding love in him, realizing you never hated him.
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