#769: He likes it when you...

  1. Louis: ...show your dominant side, make him beg like a little puppy and struggle against the binding on his wrists, holding him down as you tease him, run your fingers over his shaft, make his hips buck and grind and swivel and swerve as he begs, asks you in a pleading voice, tells you to untie him so he can finish you off himself, but you keep him still until you allow him to come, his life slashing right before his eyes, everything a blurry white.
  2. Niall: ...whimper beneath him, begging and pleading for him to just go... that you can't wait any longer, that you've moaned and cried and begged his name, and now you're whimpering because he's teasing you and it's really not fair and you're tired of him touching himself when you could be doing it yourself if he would just let you. So you whimper, whisper his name, whimper and whisper and whimper and whisper and wait for him to give in to your pleads.
  3. Liam: ...call him 'Daddy', call him pet names, praise and appreciate him with words and names that he finds a quirk after he's done with you or while he's in the middle of a thrust, a kiss, a flick of his tongue. He likes being praised, being thanked and moaned at and told to keep going because he's doing so well, really reaching the spot well and making you feel the best you've ever felt, in a way that no one else could ever make you feel, because he's the best.
  4. Zayn: ...switch it up, ambush him, surprise him with a kink or idea that he would have never guessed of you liking or finding hot, a turn on. He likes it when you baffle him because it makes you beautiful, makes you sexy, makes you the one in bed that can have all the control you want. He doesn't mind surprises or you handcuffing him to the bed, or you blindfolding him, or you having your way with him in whichever dirty and kinky way you want, because it's hot.
  5. Harry: ...ride him, allowing him to lay back and let your hair fall over his face, your lips the one hovering his as you find the right spot, speed and position. He likes the way you feel when you're on top, like everything has switched and it's never been this good. He likes gripping your lower back, his hips meeting and leveling towards you, rotating his hips to match whichever way you're giving it. He likes being in control most of the time, but you can have your time.
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