#770: 'I need you' isn't always about sex.

  1. Louis: Because it's late at night or early in the morning when he calls you to say he misses you, or loves you, or needs you so badly that it hurts, and those aren't always booty calls or reasons to just get you into bed with him. Because though he likes kissing you and touching you and making you feel good, he needs off days sometimes. Because he hurts, and he gets frustrated and depressed and kind of gloomy, and he needs the brightness that your smile, laugh, and whole being brings. Because he needs a hug, reassurance that you're still in love with him and alive.
  2. Niall: Because sex isn't the most important thing. Because though it may be a big and important thing to him and commitment, sex isn't the answer to everything, but he does know that you do have a answer to nearly everything that he goes through, because that's just how you go along in life, and you know how to make him happy and what you have to stay away from to make him sad, and what kind of hugs he likes and what he likes hearing when he's close to tears. Because he needs you, a lot, and sometimes it's hard to admit, but he needs you more than anything or anyone.
  3. Liam: Because though he likes being stubborn and proving to people that he isn't always innocent, it's not always about sex either. Because he feels things other than just hormones and want and need of sex and being connected as one, and he's human and he cries and gets scared and he locks himself in his room for long periods of times and just sits in the dark, wanting you, needing you, and ending up calling you just for a cuddle to assure himself that he's not alone and he has no reason to be sad when you're there with him. Because you make him happy; your smile, your laugh...
  4. Zayn: Because he gets lonely at night, in the bed and lonely and cold bed and really needs someone lying next to him, curled up close to his body so he doesn't have such bad dreams about loneliness and being afraid and having no one there. Because he needs you, believe it or not, and he's not the scary or intimidating person that people somehow perceive him to be. Because he has feelings too, and misses people, and needs the one person he loves whenever he needs them. It's you. t's always been you, always will be you -- the only one that can really make him feel alive and breathe.
  5. Harry: Because he has a sensitive side, and he cries, and he openly sobs and pleads and begs and crumples and folds into himself, cradling his legs to his chest like a baby, rocking back and forth and needing you to come over and hold him and hush him and kiss his forehead and rub him back and just be there for him. Because he needs you, so badly, and sometimes it's worse than usually and he just needs a friend and a girlfriend and a lover, and a hug. And you give the best hugs, and you remind him to breathe, and he finds comfort in everything you do when you're next to him.
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