#773: His body heat during sleep.

  1. Louis: His body heat should be unbearable, but it never seems to be. He always has the right temperature to him, whether it be with his shirt off and his shorts on or his chest snuggled up in a warm jumper. At night, it's perfect, because not even the sheets and covers are needed. He's your source of warmth, of heat, of comfort and serenity. His arms are tight around you and his chest is near your ear, his heart beating normally. You feel his body heat around you, even in the darkest of dazes, even in the middle of dreams.
  2. Niall: His body heat is enough to rouse you out of sleep, though only to shuffle closer into his arms. His chest is warm, his hands are hot against your back, his lips are just as soothing against your temple. Everything about him seems to be warm, nothing cold or dark, nothing scary or intimidating. Just someone to hug, to hold onto, to get closer to during the most vulnerable state of sleep. Nothing can hurt you; it's just him and his heat, his presence, his hands and lips on you, resting you back to your dreamland.
  3. Liam: Nothing is too hot or too cold, but everything is him, surrounding you and filling you, warming you in just the right places to assure you a good night's sleep. He likes to be next to you, his leg slung over yours, his right arm resting over your middle. You feel him, you breathe him, you are aware of him, even in your sleep. Everything is warm and cozy and everything smells and feels like Liam. There's nothing better, nothing more you would want, nothing more you could even need! It's just him, all him.
  4. Zayn: He knows you like cuddling closer, closer, closer -- close enough until you're finally in the circle of his arms, tight against his chest, breathing in his sleepy scent of laundry and toothpaste. He also knows you like this because you always comment on how warm he is... how his hand literally burns yours, how his lips are hot against yours, how his heat makes you feel safe and loved and sleepy in bed. There's nothing better than his heat, because it allows you to relax. It's a reminder that he's always there with you.
  5. Harry: He never seems able to break that bad habit of semi-rolling onto you in the middle of the night, half passed out, the other half of him snoring. His arms are heavy, his chest is moving up and down, his body is on you, every inch of him, his whole entire body heat warming you to the point where it's almost too hot. But it's comforting, sweet -- knowing that he needs to be near you even in sleep, just to rest to his eyes, just to be safe. Nothing is better than knowing that he likes to be close, holding you tight.
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