#774: He wants you to stay.

  1. Louis: "Stay. Don't leave." His voice is quiet, scared, but you hear it all and turn back to look at him. He looks dejected, his head hung low, his eyes on the ground, his hands still next to his sides. He waits a beat, then two, soon finally looking up so his blue eyes meet yours. "Please just... stay. I want you to stay." He can't watch you go, he can't bear to let you leave, he gets timid and isn't able to breathe when you're away. Taking a small step towards you, he pleads again in a whisper, "Don't go. Stay with me, please."
  2. Niall: "You don't need to go, y'know." The clipped Irish accent is enough to make you face him, eyes guarded, lip bit. He watches you with his hands stuffed in his pocket, his eyes hard yet ready to persuade you with light, soft blue. "Don't go like this, not when we're this way. Don't go to bed mad at me." You breathe in and out, ready to say something, but not finding the words. He takes this opportunity to step closer and closer until he's holding you, arms tight like a vice. He kisses your hair, sighing. "I love you."
  3. Liam: "Stay the night. Spend it with me." With a hopeful look in his eyes, he kisses your hand, curling it near his mouth and getting each and every single one of your finger tips. He pulls you in, physically and mentally, knowing that you may just want it as much as he does. He just needs you to stay with him, love him, kiss him and hug him and bite his lips and run your fingers along his skin. Nothing is a better sleep unless he is with you, and he needs that to shut his eyes and dream of nothing but everything about you.
  4. Zayn: "Stop," he says, voice a murmur and quiet with the intention of soothing you, "Stop. Just breathe for a second. You don't have to go anywhere; I don't want you to." He runs his fingers through your hair, his other arm still around you as he stares down at you, eyes flickering over your tear stained cheeks. "Don't go. I want you to stay, I really do, and I don't mind all of this and helping you through the night. Just lay down with me." His voice is lulling, soft, slow -- like a reminder of what more you can get through the night.
  5. Harry: "Stay," he whispers, eyes pleading, mouth pulled down in a subtle pout. His hand encases around yours, his fingers curling around your own, his eyes never leaving yours, "Just stay the night, please." The vulnerability is evident in his voice. He's like a child, scared from a nightmare, needing someone in the night to make sure he makes through it all. He needs you to stay so he knows he's not alone; so he feels your warmth and is able to curl up to your side and kiss you and know everything is going to be alright.
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