#775: Soothing whispers.

  1. Louis: "Look at me, look at me. Everything is alright." He makes you keep your eyes focused, your body pressed against his, his hand pushing against the back of your head to keep you stationed at his shoulder. He reminds you that everything is alright. If things weren't, you wouldn't be here on earth. Yet you are, aren't you? Breathing, living, loving? You are with him, and he's going to make sure you're always okay.
  2. Niall: "I'm right here. Not going anywhere. Right here." To add proof, his hands move around your waist, against your hips, up your back and through your hair. He makes you look him in the eye, his hand gently holding your neck to keep your eyes leveled on his. He doesn't tear his gaze away -- not from embarrassment or boredom, nothing at all. He just keeps staring, to remind you that he's not going anywhere at anytime.
  3. Liam: "Shhh... shhh... shhh..." Something you would hear when you had a nightmare, waking up in cold sweat and fearful tears. Except this was different, more intimate, his eyes locked on yours and his chest rising up and down with every even breath as he made you follow his motion. He repeats the noise, kissing your cheek and your forehead and your wet eyelids. Soon, his shushing is all you hear in your tired head.
  4. Zayn: "Shhh, take a deep breath. It's okay. I'm right here." His voice is soothing and low and rough, raspy with talking and consoling you for so long. But he doesn't mind and he never will. If this is what he has to say and whisper and soothe, he will do it, just to make you happy and smile, even if it's just for the night. He'll run his fingers through your hair, kiss your forehead, rub your back. Just be okay. Please be okay.
  5. Harry: "It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay." Over and over, like a broken record, though his voice more soothing and clear. It's close to your ears, against your skin, hovering over your hair and getting tendrils all out of place. His mouth stays close to you, his words being spoken in a low murmur over and over again, not stopping for even a moment until you're breathing and slumped against his chest. He won't stop.
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