Anonymous said:
I'm tired of being ignored. I don't feel pretty, I feel worthless. No one wants me. I'm here for others yet they disappear when I need them. I don't want to be alone anymore.

You’re not being ignored right now, are you? There are people out there that will do anything (literally die) to be there for anyone who needs it, with sincerity and grace. People like that are not impossible to find, nor are they ever far away. Put yourself around people that you know and can trust that they will be there for you. Don’t do that to yourself — don’t be around those that can’t even help you when you need it. You deserve better, and you deserve to feel beautiful because that’s what you are. 

I want you to look at yourself in the mirror every day. Not one million times, or every other minute, or every time you pass it. Once a morning, maybe before you go to bed. Look at yourself without makeup, with your hair all natty and ratty, with your face its original skin tone. Don’t cross your arms over your chest or frown when you see yourself. Do you have anything you like about yourself? Your smile? Your hair? Your cheekbones? Focus on whatever you like about yourself — hey, even focus on your laugh or what you’re really good at. You don’t have to look at the bad all the time, but you should accept it for who you are. You should understand that the good and bad and insecurities and doubts are what makes a person human. Not perfect, but human, and a beautiful one at that. 

You’re not alone. I won’t let you be, and that’s a promise. 

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