#785: How he looks tied down.

  1. Louis: He looks revengeful because both of you know that the minute you let him go, he's pulling you over his knee and making sure you're reminded who he is when in bed. He doesn't say anything, but his lips pull up in a smirk. He doesn't yank at the handcuffs, but he tests the bonds subtly. He doesn't tell you what he's going to do later on, but he lets you have your fun, while you still have it.
  2. Niall: His word to describe him when tied down is flustered. His pink cheeks are more profound than other times, the blush going all the way down to the top of his chest, spread across his collarbones. He pants and his dirty blonde hair is a mess, out of control from your greedy hands. He looks like he just ran a marathon and he sounds like it, too. Hoarse (and pleading) voice, labored breathing.
  3. Liam: He's sweet about it -- because of course he wants you to be happy -- but is thinking while he's tied down how he is going to get back at you later. Maybe he'll have his own kinky way with you, locking your wrists to the headboard and fucking you into Sunday in some new position. Throughout the whole time, he looks kind of lost in thought; because he's thinking of you, but when he's on top.
  4. Zayn: His hands are tied in front of him, coarse rope running over and over his wrists in a spiral motion... and he hates it. He absolutely hates being tied down, at your mercy and pleasure (because he likes being in control), and his face gets all flushed with an angry red and he curses softly, raising his wrists up to his teeth and trying to work at the knots, his tongue getting the restraints wet in the process.
  5. Harry: He's a good bottom, it's as simple as that. He has a nice chest and broad shoulders and just acts like the kind to be completely submissive in bed. The cold metal looks lovely against his skin and he stays still, only wriggling from time to time, raising his hips in effort to get closer to you. Pretty red flares up his cheeks and he whines and begs, moans and pleads and his lips look Heavenly.
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