#805: Your parents are downstairs.

  1. Louis: Quickly, he pushes his hand over your mouth and waits a beat, his heat beating elaborately beneath his naked chest. "You're going to get us in so much trouble," he hisses, and you giggle quietly and push his hand away, lifting up and capturing his lips with your own once more. He closes his eyes and forgets that anyone is downstairs and that you two may get caught. He just slips his hand up your shirt and kisses you deeply, never taking his mouth off yours so not a sound can be heard. It's just you and him in your own world of sex.
  2. Niall: Underneath the covers, sweaty and hot and everything sticky, his hand makes it way down your pants again. When you start to burst, he presses two fingers against your lips, hushing you gently. "Shush, babe. Relax. But don't make a sound." You slump against him and kiss his neck, letting him trail his fingers up your stomach and to your chin, where he clasps your face and kisses you hard. "Stay quiet, okay? I'm going to have to punish you if you can't stay quiet." That makes you hot all over again, and he grins as his fingers slip farther down.
  3. Liam: This is not what he's used to, but he likes it; he likes the feeling of getting away with something and having you as his partner in crime. "What are you doing to me?" he whispers, pulling down on your earlobe and quickly kissing you when you start to hiss, "Sneaking into your bedroom and everything for you. Just to kiss you...." His eyes zero in on your mouth again and he loses his breath. He should feel like such an idiot, such a bad boy, but he doesn't. He just feels like everything is worth it, including making you with you, under the covers in silence.
  4. Zayn: A big, burly hand cups around your mouth while the other stays tangled in the back of your hair, forcing your back a little tighter against the mattress. "Shhh," he whispers softly, trying to bite back a moan himself when you buck your hips once more against his, "You have to be quiet, baby. I'm not trying to get in trouble with your parents." His fingers slowly slip away from your mouth and he pauses a second, before grinning and grinding his hips into yours. "Though, I do like the anticipation of getting caught. Makes sneaking in here worth my while."
  5. Harry: Every time you get closer to your climax, mouth forming an 'O', ready to make a moan, he leans into you and quickly shuts you up with a kiss full of tongue and deepness, enough to make you come alone. "Be quiet," he grunts, kissing is way back down to your chest as you try to regain your composure, breathing heavy and labored, "Don't want to get caught, baby. I just want to make you feel good, alright?" And feel good he does make you, all throughout the nights, with more than just one orgasm, and too many excuses to shut you up so nothing is heard.
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