#817: He knows how you like it.

  1. Louis: "You like to dominate," he says easily, because he's been noticing how you kiss him and how you always want the last say in everything, "Which is sad, because, I don't let anyone dominate me." He kisses you swiftly, his tongue already brushing against yours for a fraction of a second. "Though after thinking about it, I realized how hot it would be to make you ride me." He moves his lips down to your ear, pulling hard enough that you gasp softly, "So I'm giving you one chance and one chance only. You can take the reigns and I'll do whatever you want me to do. Whatever you need me to do. Whatever makes you wet."
  2. Niall: "You want it sweet," he says, and a hint of laughter is behind his voice, "But I don't give sweet, babydoll, and I don't do things nicely when it comes to fucking girls." He breathes hotly in your ear, moving his mouth down to the pulse of your neck. You're pressed against him roughly, the friction against his jeans making it hard for you to breathe properly. "I don't go easy on girls, either. Either you want it sweet and walk away, or I can make you realize that you don't want any of that bullshit. You just want me. And I'm a good fuck." He kisses your collarbone noisily, grabbing onto your hips. "So make up your mind; do you like it rough?"
  3. Liam: "You want a bad boy, and I have a reputation for being a good guy, and I don't mind getting off that track." He skims your mouth with his tongue, biting down on your bottom lip when you start to speak. "So where do you want it, is the question. In the backseat of my car? What makes you think of a bad boy? What do you want me to do to you?" When you lose your breath and can't find the words to say, he shrugs. "Baby, I'm being bad for you, and I'll do anything you want me to do. I like it like that, too." He grins and kisses you hard, nearly drawing blood. "So tell me how you want it. I'll be as bad as you need me to be. As bad as you like it."
  4. Zayn: "You like it hard," he whispers in your ear, trailing his fingers down the front of your blouse, "because you're no angel. You're dark like me, and you have secrets, and you want to be so brutally and thoroughly fucked so you have something else to think about." He pauses for a moment, tucking his two fingers down the side of your pants. "I know how you like it, and how you want it, because that's exactly what I want, too. And I'm so ready to have you right here and now." So he doesn't go gentle on you and doesn't waste time with foreplay. Your clothes are gone in an instance and he drags you down with him, all the way into the pits of hell.
  5. Harry: "I think you like being taken care of," he whispers in your ear, grasping the swell of your ass and squeezing it sharply, "And by taken care of, I mean you like it when someone ties you up and has their way with you." He looks into your eyes, no way at all intimidated by how you want it, and how you like it, and how hot it would be to see you above him, hovering over you with intention to make you come so hard. "Which is absolutely fine with me. I wouldn't mind having my way with you; in fact, that would let me do so much dirtier things." He pushes you farther back, hands tight on you, testing to see what makes you squirm. He likes it, too.
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