#840: Vampire AU.

  1. Louis: He never knew what damage he had done to life until you came to, your head pounding and your teeth feeling weird and uncomfortably sharp. You gasp when you understand, somehow getting up on your feet within a second, fast beyond belief. "You...," you whimper, "...you killed me." He thought you would want this, until he realized you found beauty in life, and when you start to cry and crumple to the ground, whimpering about your teeth and how it hurts and how you just want to eat, he falls down on his knees before you and takes you into his arms. This once scary, mean vampire is now softening, sad beyond his belief and wanting nothing more than to give you your human life back. "I'm so sorry," he whispers, cradling you with such gentleness that it makes you cry harder, "I'm so sorry, I... I was just... I needed someone... I was lonely." And he holds you, crying.
  2. Niall: He is the vampire, you are the hunter. You sharpen your wooden stakes and seek out to kill him, murder him, watch his body cripple and turn purple, dying in such pain like he made others die. But you fall in love with his vampire, much against your word, and do not want to kill him, but be with him. "I know what you are," you mutter under your breath, not meeting his eyes when his head snaps up and his eyes search your face, "I wanted to kill you... think you were bad... hate you." Your breath gets caught on the last few words and you wordlessly scrub at your face with shaking hands. "I wanted to hate you, but I can't. I don't. I..." Without saying anything at all, his strong, powerful hands cup you with the most sincerity and gentleness a vampire could have. "I don't want to hurt you," he murmurs, so soft and loving and sweet, "I can't hurt you. I wanted to, but I can't. I won't."
  3. Liam: He should be scary, uncomfortable to be around and make you run and scream and hide. But when he finds out that you're not that kind of person, that you're intrigued and find him beautiful, mysterious, he looks at you like you're the weird one. "I tell you I'm a vampire," he says gently, feeling his fangs with the tip of his tongue, "And you're not running? Not screaming? Not grabbing the nearest sharp thing you can find and stabbing it through my lifeless heart?" You shake your head, catching yourself on a gasp when he stands in front of you and peers down at you, pale skin and dark eyes watching you curiously. Admiringly so, he whispers, "You are the most beautiful and bravest human I have ever come across." This is not a scary vampire; he is not making you uncomfortable, or making you run and scream and hide. There is something human in him; his warm heart.
  4. Zayn: He spends his time in rooms secluded from the dark, but when you walk past his house one day and he can see you from his window, he suddenly wants to step out into the light and meet you, be human like you. Little did he know that you were sad, wanting nothing more than to be dead, so once he met you in his human form, dressed in normal day clothes, he found out, and he gave you a better option than death. "How about eternity?" he asks you in a hush-hush voice, putting his hand on your forearm to steer you out of the way of an elder couple, "Not death, but not pain." When you start to laugh and ask him what drugs he took, he shakes his head and holds you a little closer to him. "No, I'm serious." Slowly, he lets his fangs come down as least scary as he can, wanting nothing more than to make you smile, not feared. "Spend an eternity with me. No pain, just a simple bite."
  5. Harry: He is not a bad vampire, one to suck on innocent blood of innocent humans who have never done anything to purposely endanger him or the world. He feasts on the bad guys, the people who corner weakened people in alleyways and darkened corners to get their money... or to do something worse and vile. That's how he meets you, and without a doubt, it's the best thing he's ever done, not feeling bad at all when blood drips down his mouth and against his neck. But it scares you, and you start to scream, flailing to get away from him when he tries to cup a hand around your mouth and silence you. "Listen, listen, listen!" he says as gently as he can, pressing your back into a wall as his big, burly hand covers half of your face, cutting off your screams, "I'm not bad, I swear." And for the first time in forever, a scary vampire starts to stutter, "They were going to h-hurt you... I had to save you."
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