#841: How he looks in his sleep.

  1. Louis: When he's asleep, his nose and forehead wrinkle and crease and you just want to lean over and kiss every one of those lines until they smooth out and he's back into a peaceful sleep. His hands rest underneath the pillow, curled close to your own, and breathes softly, his mouth slightly opened with every inhale. He is beautiful, even like this, and even in the dark, you're aware of strong cheekbones and beautiful blue eyes that hold emotion just beyond those closed eyelids.
  2. Niall: Red flushes rise up and down his cheeks and neck, giving you some clue about the dreams he's having. He's warm and his chest rises with every strong intake, his warm breath fanning over your face as he lays close to you, holding you. Everything about him is warm, especially underneath the sheets and from your own body heat. He looks cuddly, soft and heated, not so intimidating when his eyes are on you, trailing your body and making you hot all over, in every single place.
  3. Liam: Grown-up, lips pursed and eyelids closed and skin warm and tan. He looks strong, like he won't let anything bad get to anyone in the house, and you can conclude that by how strongly he holds onto you and hugs you tight to his body. He's intimidating like this, a light sleeper, easy to spring out of bed if anyone -- you or his children -- need protection from their father, your husband. He sleeps closest to the door, but also closest to your heart, needing to be there from the start.
  4. Zayn: Strong; he looks and feels strong, with his arms tightly wrapped around your waist and he anchors you close and keeps you in your place. When he's asleep, he likes to be around someone, afraid that something bad is going to happen when he won't be in his right mind to do anything about it. He likes keeping you close, having you near him, and in his sleep, that brings out the faintest of smiles on his plump lips when he feels you in his hands and against his strength and body heat.
  5. Harry: Sometimes you'll lie awake at night, fascinated and rolled over onto your side to see curls hanging near his closed eyelids that flicker behind skin as he dreams. He looks vulnerable, tiny; which is unusual because he's tall and broad and wears all black and can look intimidating sometimes. When he's asleep though, he curled up in a ball underneath the covers, sticking close to you for warmth and protection to scare away the darkness that come with bad dreams.
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