#842: 'You deserve better.'

  1. Louis: After seeing what people were doing to you -- how they were teasing and bullying you to the point where you wanted to scream -- he pulled you aside and kissed you, nothing but love and affection in his lips and mouth and words. "You deserve better," he whispers, "You're not one word they say about you. You're not ugly; I think you're the most beautiful person and I wish you would see it, too. You're not weird; I think you're the most unique and intriguing person and I wish you would know it, too. You're not fat; I know you have the most beautiful body and skin and face and hair and lips and eyes I have ever seen or come across and I know it for a fact, and I wish you would know it, too. Don't let people put you down like that. Know you're worth it; feel it, too." He pulls you back in closer, and kisses you softly again.
  2. Niall: Staring at the white and pink lines that go up and down your arms, your beautiful body, places that he finds beautiful, too, even with marks and cuts and wounds, he kisses each and every one of them. "You deserve better," is what he simply says at first, honesty and sincerity backing up his words. And then after the tears have dried and you lay against his chest, your face pressed into his t-shirt, he strokes your hair and adds gently, "You deserve to see how pretty you are. I can see it; I see it every day, in every way, and I don't mind that you have imperfections and insecurities like everyone else in the world. I just mind that you do this to your beautiful self, and that it's hurting you. I don't want you to hurt. I want you to be happy, beautiful. I want you to smile and laugh and be happy and know that you deserve the best."
  3. Liam: Something inside of your head was telling you mean things, making you feel like nothing, crushing your heart into pieces of ash and making you feel like you deserved the worst, like the words being said in your head were true. "You deserve better," he tells you gently, not laughing or making a joke out of everything when you finally break down and tell him you swear there's someone inside of your head, making these things up about you, "I don't think you're crazy, I think you're human, and we all have those voices inside of our heads. They try to get us down." He taps the side of your temple and kisses it softly, pulling you tighter into his arms to hold you close. "The next time it happens, will you do me a favor? Don't think about anything but your own words inside of your head. Repeat how worth it you are."
  4. Zayn: After hearing what your parents said to you and about you, he holds you into the late hours of the night and cups his hands gently around your ears when you swear you start to hear them yelling at you again... calling you words, slurs, making you feel worthless. "Shush," he whispers to you gently, curling his fingers in your hair before moving his lips up to your forehead, cradling you in the darkened room, "You deserve better. You deserve way better. Don't feel obligated to keep hearing it in your head. Push it out -- away." He hugs you close and wraps his arms tighter around you, protecting you from the bad world. "Focus on me, on what I say. I'm telling you all the things that you deserve to hear, that are true. That you're beautiful... that you mean a lot to me... that I think you're worth a whole lot more than that bullshit."
  5. Harry: Glancing at your busted lip and blackened eye, something settles into his stomach, and it's not nice towards the person who did this to you. He does not question who did it, or say what he's thinking about kicking their ass and killing the and making them regret their lives; all he does is sweeps back the pieces of hairs in your eyes and kisses your forehead tenderly. "You deserve better," he whispers against your skin, lingering there for a few moments until you slump from the reassurance, "You're beautiful and you haven't done anything wrong to deserve this. I don't care what mistakes you've made or what you've said; you don't deserve this, and I won't let you go another minute with thinking that you deserve bad things like this." He kisses your skin again, winding his arms around your body as you shake.
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