#844: Your relationship weather.

  1. Louis: Sunny; because here is this cheerful guy full of cheeky smiles and grins to die for, eyes that light up like blue liquid and coat your body into a cheerful, happy mood. Of course you're always in that mood, because you're always thinking of him, and that makes you sunnier than any person could ever be. You're not a morning person, but when you're with him, you want to see the sun and feel it on your skin and taste it on your tongue. Sun is the light that streams through your curtains in the morning and wakes you up, preparing you for the day, full of nothing but brightness.
  2. Niall: Stormy; and he will admit that your relationship isn't the calmest on the waters, because he likes the feeling of blood boiling in his veins when he yells at you, screams at you, makes you warm all over and make you burn with the desire to scream back at him until the two of you end up as a pile on the bed, full of intertwined legs and heated skin at the touch. After the storm, the sky is clearer, rainbows drifting out into the horizon, and it's the most beautiful thing to see and discover. Maybe your relationship isn't exactly the storm, but the feeling after one has passed; lucky.
  3. Liam: Hot; the temperature for clothes to come off and popsicles to melt... skinny dipping weather and sipping lemonade with straws, pursing your lips around the item and sucking every last ounce of liquid. Hot is the feeling you get, the fiery substance that clouds the whole inside of your body when his hand is placed on you, rubbing your skin and making you feel hotter than any man ever did. Hot is like his body, which glistens in the heat with sweat, absolutely no need for t-shirts to cover skin up. Hot is like him and how he makes you feel; how you want to sit in the sun forever.
  4. Zayn: Calm; like the weather at a beach without any hurricanes or big waves. Simply laid-back beaches with the option of nudity and no mishaps, no storms that send sailors of boats into frenzies. Calm and cool and laid-back is like him, and he finds it so important to have you to himself, rather than the waves that want to swallow you up. He wants you safe and in his arms, away from the sharks and flashing cameras of those who take all those pictures of their families on the sand. Calm like the serenity he feels when he's with you and only you, his eyes focused on nothing but you.
  5. Harry: Rainy; because rainy days are good days for reading in your comfiest sweater, a cup of coffee or tea or even hot chocolate near by, perfect cuddling weather. And here's this big guy -- over six foot -- who should be scary and intimidating like thunder, but is as comforting and languid as droplets of water pattering against the windowpanes and roof. He holds you on these rainy days, the covers pulled up to his nose and hiding his grin from you as his eyes peek at you to catch you staring right back at him, your sock-covered feet pressed against his underneath the sheets.
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