#845: Star quarterback AU.

  1. Louis: He's the type of quarterback to begin third string during freshman year, but once he comes back after that summer, he's taller -- bigger, broader, burlier with the biggest blue eyes you've ever seen. He soon makes his way up to first string as the starting quarterback, soon becoming the big man on campus and sending everyone the brightest smile of his. You spend late Friday nights watching him play out on the big field, his muscles and biceps bulging and flexing with every throw he sends in for a touchdown. And you scream and cheer him on, and when the games over, he's that type of star quarterback to reach for you, sweaty and grinning and all, planting kisses on your lips and all over your face to let everyone know who his good luck charm is.
  2. Niall: He's that star quarterback that you want to hate and swear to yourself that you won't fall to his charm like the rest of the student body seem to do. You remind yourself that you won't date him, or stare into his eyes for too long, or share him your notes in class when he was up partying after the big game and didn't get to do the work himself. But you fall for him (of course you do; how couldn't you?) and crave for his attention, want him to notice you and how much like him, and not just for his statistics or how far he can throw the ball or how popular he is. Because behind the popularity and good looks, there's a boy inside there, and he's as sweet as can be with cheeks that blush like red roses. He's the most beautiful thing you've ever come across.
  3. Liam: He's your best friend and he has girls over him all the time; cheerleaders and presidents of the student council and girls with good morals and even those few boys that blush whenever they see him. He has this charm and he's sweet and good looking and can make everyone feel special in different ways. He isn't just a star quarterback, but he loves everyone he meets, and he loves you the most, and he spends hours of the night looking over his film and thinking about you when he should be thinking about the next big game. He's the star quarterback that is not jotted down as a know-it-all jerk who happens to be a jock and popular. He's the guy that everybody wants to be with, because he makes them feel good and sees the good things in them.
  4. Zayn: He's the guy around campus that does happen to be the one that is stereotyped. He's big, and sometimes mean, and doesn't always treat people the way they should be treated. He picks on the smaller and weaker people, grabbing people from his own group to join him in what he calls 'fun and games that are harmless'. Then he makes the mistake of hurting and picking on you, and soon his star quarterback name falls before his eyes and he finds himself wanting to be something other than mean and the biggest and scariest guy around. He slowly makes it up to you, walking you to class and soon earning your trust back when he protects you from people who he used to be like. He's not a bad guy; he's actually good, and he won't let his label affect that.
  5. Harry: He's the star quarterback -- believe it or not -- who also has a passion for something artsy and beautiful and wonderfully passionate that makes girls who love romance fall into the pits of the earth because it's so amazing how he sculpts like this with his big hands, and how he has a keen interest in writing poems and mushy things that guys as big and manly as him should find weird and not worth his time. But he's beautifully articulate and smart beyond the field and making up plays for football with his words and illustrations and how he goes about with things. He doesn't get teased for it either, but allows people to smile gleefully at his work and ask him how he did it. He glances at you from the corner of his eye and tells them that he has beautiful inspiration.
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