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please autumn, please. just reply to that one message i sent you. please. you can say anything you want. you can tell me to go ahead, go kill myself, no one will care. please. just a response. anything. because no one is ever there. i'm begging you. i don't want to be alone right now.

Listen, you’re not alone, I’m right here, okay? I’m typing this as quickly as I can to defuse the situation you’re in right now, saying nothing but good and true things about you so maybe you’ll go to bed tonight with a settled stomach and soothed mentality, only to wake up in the morning and see the sun and the colors of the world and know the meaning of what it is like to be alive, what a god damn privilege it is. It is okay to hurt, because you’re human; it is okay to be doubtful, because you’re human; it is okay to show and feel emotions, because you’re human, and that’s what makes you human, but in no way at all is it okay for you to end your life at a purposely calculated time. People went through so much to make sure they got you here today, as you are, living and breathing. You’re waking up and seeing the sun and the colors of the world, aren’t you? Your heart is beating, isn’t it? Those things are indications that what you’re seeing — feeling — is meant to add even more purpose to your life, more meaningful things that are going to build up to that one day where you finally understand your purpose. Maybe you’ll become one of the best doctors in the world, or be a famous artist, or be a legend, or be just who you want to be in the end. Don’t you want to see what that’s like? Who you’ll be, who you’ll be with, what other colors and feelings you’ll be experiencing in ten years? Don’t give up now; you can’t give up now. Life may be hard today, but the more you push, and the harder you work your way up that hill, the quicker you’ll see the other side. That other side is full of good things, of the sun and of daises and of the most beautiful things in the world, colored in yellow, the happy color. You can’t just turn, now that you’re halfway up the hill, and go right back where you started off, in darkness of death and nothing. When you go there, there’s no turning back, I hope you know that. You won’t feel the sun again, or see it, or taste it on your tongue. You won’t experience love ever again, and the feeling you get when it bursts through your chest. You won’t taste your favorite food, or your favorite beverage, or see your favorite person.

Life is a beautiful thing and you are entitled to see its beauty; feel it; be a part of it; see that beauty in you. Don’t give up now, because who knows? Tomorrow could be the best day of your life, and so could the next, and the next, and the next, and the next….  

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